I.1) Test


    How are land abandonment and tourism connected as threats to Alpine ecosystems?

    1. Abandoned Alpine areas which are particularly remote and difficult to access are likely to be avoided by tourists and therefore more exposed to marginalization
    2. Tourism cannot be helpful for Alpine areas with high depopulation rates
    3. Both land abandonment and tourism have negative effects on Alpine ecosystems, such as pollution and biodiversity loss

    What characterizes Alpine ecosystems?

    1. Areas of high altitudes and low population
    2. High diversity of landscapes and species connected with various traditions of human systems and practices
    3. The instability of natural, climatic and population conditions

    Why is alpine territory highly singular with regard to ecosystem services management?

    1. Because of its morphology and the presence of a mountainous context
    2. Because this mountainous space is fragmented over several countries, with different policies regarding ecosystem services
    3. Alpine ecosystem services are quite unique and different from those of other mountainous areas


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