B.1) Test


    What is the interest in identifying clusters of ecosystem services and in appreciating trade-offs and synergies between them?

    1. Because in this way we have a description of all the ecosystem services present in a specific territory
    2. In this way it is possible to better identify the importance of each ecosystem service considered
    3. In this way we can understand interactions and dependencies, in order not to impact on the complexity that ensures the existence of all of the ecosystem services in their entirety

    Which of these definitions is most pertinent to describing an Ecosystem service?

    1. Ecosystem services are the contributions of nature to human wellbeing
    2. Ecosystem services are the benefits man gets from Nature, also thanks to more and more developed technologies
    3. Ecosystem services are a scientific representation of biodiversity

    Amongst the three classes of ecosystem services, which are the ones that have most depended on well-functioning ecosystem processes?

    1. Provisioning
    2. Regulating
    3. Cultural

    Why is the ecosystem services cascade so important for the understanding of our relationship with nature and biodiversity?

    1. It emphasizes the dependency of our wellbeing not only on goods and benefits and the importance of provisioning ecosystem services, but also it focuses on the extreme relevance of supporting ecosystem services, which lie at the base of the entire chain that links man to ecosystems
    2. It is a classification useful to distinguish different types of ecosystem services and consequently their contribution to human wellbeing• It is a classification useful for distinguishing different types of ecosystem services and consequently their contribution to human wellbeing
    3. Because it is a simple description of the complexity of biodiversity


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