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    Which of these definitions matches the concept of ecosystem services?

    1. Benefits people obtain from ecosystems
    2. Services established to protect nature and more precisely ecosystems
    3. Ecological services related to the control and mitigation of pollution

    From 2000 to 2005 hundreds of scientists were mobilized on behalf of the United Nations to write the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA). Since then a lot of information has emerged about ecosystems and their services. The European Union is now operating a strategic working group in line with MA to better identify and assess ecosystem services. Do you know the name?

    1. MAES
    2. CICES
    3. Corine Land Cover

    Understanding the importance of ecosystem services is central to preserving and managing important resources for society, for the economy and in general to maintaining a sustainable balance between humans and nature. In your opinion, amongst the following, what is the best solution to describe ecosystem services for a large and participative governance and decision-making process?

    1. Scholarly articles with a precise and academic description of ecosystem services
    2. A set of indicators and a mapping system, allowing identification and assessment of ecosystem services
    3. A rich and varied documentation about ecosystem services, including images, videos and interviews with stakeholders

    In very general terms, an indicator is defined as a thing that “indicates” the state or level of something. Indicators are used to describe the characteristics and trends of many elements, amongst which ecosystem services. Do you know how many types of indicators are commonly used to describe ecosystem services?

    1. Two types: one describing the state of the element and the second expressing the trend
    2. Just one type which sums up both characteristic and trend
    3. Three types: the first to measure the stock of an element, the second the supply capacity and the third the demand for the considered element

    Pollination is a kind of ecosystem service, provided by insects and animals, which allows flowers to produce their fruits and seeds. Do you know in which ecosystem service category pollination is included?

    1. Supporting
    2. Provisioning
    3. Regulating


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