I.4) Test


    What is the best definition, among these, of environmental management?

    1. It is a kind of management inspired by the respect of the environment
    2. It is a branch of the sustainable regional development
    3. It is the complete set of the activities necessary for the implementation of an environmental policy

    What is the state of the art on preservation of ecosystem services in the different Alpine countries?

    1. Neither the concept of ecosystem services nor their preservation is considered in the Alpine countries, and even less at European level
    2. By now, all the Alpine Space countries have adopted the same objectives regarding preservation of ecosystem services
    3. The situation is really varied but in general all the Alpine Space countries consider the preservation of Ecosystem Services in their legislation

    How can territorial development be defined according to the AlpES approach?

    1. Territorial development refers to integrated multi-sector development across a specific portion of territory, guided by a spatial vision of the desirable future and supported by strategic investments in physical infrastructures and environmental management
    2. Territorial development is a normative concept, which requires a coherent approach in the conception and implementation of public policies to transform territories
    3. Territorial development is simply an umbrella term for development of specific (typically sub-national) portions of territory

    Which policy at the European level best addresses ecosystem services?

    1. Flora-fauna Habitat Directive
    2. EU Green Infrastructure Strategy
    3. EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020


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